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"Because it's set up indoors, you don't really have to worry about rain. The fact that you don't have to keep going to retract it or watch the weather change or whatnot, all the worries are gone!"

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“Comes with creature comforts such as solar heat-air drying, wind air drying and UV disinfection so your clothes can be dried quickly and efficiently.”

“Keeps the bad odour away, so you won’t need to spray perfume or fresheners on your clothes anymore!”

“Features an obstacle detection sensor as well. They also come with a 90-deg C temperature control protection that prevents overheating.”

"Comes with a wireless remote controller to make drying of laundry becoming an easy homework.. It’s users friendly, safe and durable, and easy to operate."

"We appreciate its negative ion purification feature that can remove any odors surrounding our clothes."

"They are the first and only company able to bring the LIVE and real product demo to your doorstep to experience and understand it with no fee involved and has no obligation."

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