Extended YUcare

Extended YUcare

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Worry-Free Extended Warranty for 3-Years

ALS Basic
Purchase within 30 days at $229 (U.P. $299)
As low as 20¢ a day

Purchase within 30 days at $269 (U.P. $339)
As low as 23.65¢ a day

Benefits Include:
✓ Unlimited Repair
✓ Transportation
✓ Motor, Remote Controller, Parts & Labour
✓ Product Replacement (If beyond the economical repairs)

Except For:
✗ User misuse (E.g. Fall of Remote Controller)
✗ Physical Damages (E.g. Scratches, Dent, Bend)
✗ Wear & Tear (E.g. Battery Of Remote Controller)
✗ Accessories (E.g. Hanger)

Worry-Free Extended Warranty

Purchase within 30 days at $299

Purchase within 30 days at $499 (U.P. $598)

Purchase within 30 days at $599 (U.P. $897)

Benefits include:
✓ Periodic cleaning and maintenance trip twice a year (Installation trip will be consider 1st trip)
✓ Filters supply and replacement
✓ Warranty for parts and replacement
✓ Free labour and transport

The Essential Water Purifier will be equipped with 3 filters for 4-Step Nano Filtration to provide clean and purified water. To ensure every drop of water is fresh, we suggest replacing the filters as per below:

Pre-Carbon Filter
Every 6 months

Post-Carbon Filter
Every 12 months

Nano Pro2 Filter
Every 18 months

Upon YUcare expiry, the filter set will be selling at $179 per year with self-replacement.

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