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Automated Laundry System Yu Line

Automated Laundry System Yu Line

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Our best selling automated laundry system built to hold 35kg of laundry with enhanced drying functions. Comes with complimentary 2-Year YUcare.

Technical Specifications

241.5 cm (Maximum)

47 cm

24 cm

Main Machine’s Dimensions
142 cm x 47 cm

Extendable Telescopic Poles
4 Poles, with length of 141.5cm each, can extend up to 241.5cm

Vertical Short Poles
9 Poles, with length of 45cm each

Machine’s Material

Scissor Mechanism’s Material

Poles’ Material

35 Kg Heavy Duty Lifting Capacity

Energy Consumption
18 Watts

Dual UV Lights
Auto turn-off in 30 Mins

Solar Heat-Air Drying
Auto turn-off in 2 Hrs

Wind-Air Drying
Auto turn-off in 2 Hrs

Negative Ionizer
*Auto turn-on when dryer function activates. Auto turn-off in 2 Hrs

Safety Features
Auto stops when obstacle detected 90°C temperature control protection

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  • 50°C Solar-Heat & 3.77m/s Wind-Air Drying

    Break free from the your reliance on good weather. It's easy to get Yu Home's Automated Laundry Systems up and running no matter rain or shine.

  • Built-in Powerful 18W LED light

    Doing your laundry at night has never been easier. Improve visual acuity and let users navigate in dimly lit areas with the built-in LED light.

  • Negative Ion Purification

    Get rid of undesirable odours with the scent-boosting Negative Ion Purification, which keeps your laundry smelling good and feeling fresh!

  • Dual Ultraviolet Lights

    The Automated Laundry System Pro utilises UV light that penetrates evenly through your clothes, effectively eliminating germs and bacteria.

  • Access Effortlessly With A Remote Control

    Easy and user-friendly access with just a touch of a button. Easily access all functions from the compact remote control.

  • Obstacle Detection

    Enhanced safety with the built-in smart obstacle detection, with an auto-stop function to give you greater peace of mind.

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